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The Ken Wapnick Death has saddened many of us.

Kenneth Wapnick departed our shared dream on December 27th, and I’m assuming left all the theology behind for us to sort out.

When I interviewed Ken for A Course in Miracles The Movie & The ACIM Awakening Courses, I remember being surprised by his knowledge and use of several other nondualistic theologies. The book, A Course in Miracles specifically states that “a universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary.”

In our lengthy interview together, Ken spoke of several other philosophers and philosophies along with A Course in Miracles. He was brilliant at finding the commonality in them all.

If you know much about A Course in Miracles, you know there are multiple versions in existence and ongoing debates about which version is the best, the most proper, etc. Although Ken fought to control the copyright, he told me he eventually realized the book needed to be in the public domain. The perceived form world can get it’s claws in all of us, and the ego always likes to remind us that it knows what’s best for us and often, everyONE else too.

Luckily, The Course, like all powerful nondualistic philosophies is all about letting go of Special Relationships.

After interviewing Ken, Jon Mundy, Gary Renard, Carol Howe, David Hoffmeister & countless other ACIM teachers and students, I came to the conclusion that whatever version of the ACIM book you have or whatever other version of non duality you pursue, it will be perfect for you based on one factor. That factor is whether or not you apply it.

I’ve been told by many ACIM teachers that they believe very few dreamers ever actually apply the lessons, and that many people use the book to actually argue and create separation.

With Ken’s passing, I hope I witness a world in which people begin applying the lessons and come to directly experience the greatest lesson ACIM has to offer:

“Forget this world, forget this course, and come with wholly empty hands unto your God.”

It appears Ken has recently accomplished this and I’m assuming he wasn’t carrying any version of the book with him.

I believe Ken would encourage all of us to embrace the theology that resonates with us and focus on a direct experience of remembering the truth of who we really are.

You will be missed Ken.

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I’ve also included a video of Ken below from our ACIM Special Relationships DVD. Please enjoy and share with your friends.

-iKE ALLEN, Founder of AVAIYA and Observant Non Dualist. :-)






  1. Ashley Lockhart says

    Thankyou Dearest Ken for all you have taught me,you were the best Teacher,and to Gloria,thoughts to you,Love and Light Ash

  2. Greg Gallina says

    I worked directly for Ken at Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center from about 9/72 to 12/72 as part of a five person interdisciplinary training team. This was just before he resigned and went to Israel. I guess his work with the Course in Miracles was just beginning to manifest. In the short time I worked with him and the team I learned things about myself and about mental illness and about how to work with people that has lasted and been vibrant for my whole life. Thank you again ken.

  3. says

    it only very recent, march 2014 that I find out about Kenneths' teachings .. and Kenneths' death. I feel very touched by the intergrity and wisdom the teachings of Kenn. I decided to do at least the year course and def watch Kenns' videos. Thank you.

  4. Lynette Wood says

    I never met Ken but I study ACIM and am eternally grateful for his amazing work to get the Course published and the wisdom he has shown in teaching us how to understand it. Thank you!!!!

  5. Reginald Knox says

    Hey Greg. How are you? We worked at OCFS together for awhile. I pray that all is well with you. Glad to see you are an ACIM student. Many blessings.

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