The Forgiveness Key

Documentary Film Series

About This Project

WELCOME to our crowdfunding campaign for The Forgiveness Key.

This transformative new film series from AVAIYA is being created to enlighten and educate more people about true forgiveness.

Our goal is to introduce countless new people to the transformative power of forgiveness by creating a film series with recognized celebrities, authors and more, and guide viewers from form world forgiveness to the type of forgiveness that leads us to a direct experience of oneness and connectedness.

This amazing new film series is being CROWDFUNDED!

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. By contributing even as little as $5, your support will help create this FREE film series.

Yes, upon completion, this new film series - The Forgiveness Key - will be free for everyONE and anyONE to watch online. In addition, our manufacturer will be selling DVD's for those interested (at the actual cost to create and ship the DVD, with no additional inflated costs of DVD's or inflated shipping prices, etc.)

Please donate now to help us create this film series and make it free for the world to experience.


1. An invitation to the online WORLD PREMIERE screening of the film series, followed by Q&A with several people featured in the film series.

2. The Forgiveness Key Production Book filled with photos, insights, artwork and more.

3. The Audio Soundtrack of the film series.

We are gifting everyone the same rewards for their contribution, whether you feel you can contribute $5 or $500 to the creation of this film series. Please contribute what feels right to you and know we appreciate every dollar.

Thank you for helping us create this film series to share the MIRACLE OF FORGIVENESS with everyONE!


Our goal is to raise a bare minimum of $20,000 - which will guarantee we create at least 3 films in the series and allow us to release the film series THIS FALL 2017.

The amount of money we raise in our crowdfunding campaign determines the level of production in creating the film series. In the event we exceed our minimum goal of $20,000, we will begin the process of adding additional films in the series and possibly reach our Ultimate Dream Goal of The Forgiveness Key having 10 films in the series.

Donating allows us the funds to create a film series that literally transforms lives and reaches as many people across our shared world as possible.


Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and others often charge 10% or more to fund projects. AVAIYA funds our films on our own site to save the 10% and invest the extra money into the actual creation of films.

* Donations are updated every 24 hours *

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