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Are you tired of being tired?

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Are you ready to kick butt and ignite permanent change in your life?

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We invite you to join us as we together uncover your answers to living a life of Prosperity, Peace + Joy...


...with How Life Works Coaching.


How Life Works Coaching with iKE ALLEN & Ande Anderson, MS, RD will support you in uncovering the thoughts that stop you from achieving success in all areas of your life, whether you are pursuing a better job, losing weight, the love of your life, Actual Enlightenment or anything else!



With iKE’s intuitive ability, he can rapidly uncover what you truly want, and the core story that’s limiting you in any area of your life. With iKE’s laser-like ability he holds a clearing to help you step into your greatness and start taking Inspired Actions to see the results you want in your life now!


.Single Session with iKE - $149

$299  50% Off

Skype or Phone, 60 Minute Session

4 Session Bundle with iKE - $400

$1200  67% Off

Skype or Phone, 4 - 60 Minute Sessions

Ande Anderson

Ande will help you discover and pinpoint exactly what you're telling yourself that's holding you back from achieving success in all areas of your life. She will guide you in bringing to light the Inspired Actions you can take to create powerful, amazing results in your life starting now!


.Single Session with Ande - $75

$150  50% Off

Skype or Phone, 60 Minute Session

4 Session Bundle with Ande - $200

$600  67% Off

Skype or Phone, 4 - 60 Minute Sessions

Here's what you'll get out of working with iKE & Ande:

  • Unearth limiting thoughts & beliefs that you didn’t realize you had and replace them with empowering thoughts & beliefs that will change your experience of reality forever...
  • Discover a simple, effective formula to transform old hidden thoughts into inspiring new ideas, and take INspired actions to bring those amazing ideas out into the world...
  • Learn how to become aware of what you're not aware of and use this knowledge to uncover the blind spots you have to your success...
  • Have direct experiences that your Perception truly does create your reality, and learn how to wipe clean the view you have of the world and yourself by dissolving the limiting beliefs, perceptions, and ideas you've attached yourself to...
  • Recognize how life works and learn why  right now is the best time to start becoming aware of the thoughts that are creating your reality, no matter what challenges you are currently experiencing in life...
  • Enlightenment Or Bust: You may have a lot of grandiose ideas about what enlightenment is or isn't. Discover the Simple Truth and Who You Really Are and Why You Are Here. (Available with iKE only)
  • And much much more, all on a journey that removes the blocks to your personal Success, and ignites permanent change in your life! 

What Folks Are Saying About iKE & Ande:

Several years ago, I had a lot of ideas about what Enlightenment was, how people pursuing it should act, dress and more. I met iKE at an event he was speaking at and when I asked him "why am I so afraid of being happy " he looked me in the eye and asked, "Do you really want to know?" Ten minutes later, he had removed not just a block, but a brick load of illusions I had been living with. I left that weekend laughing, at myself, my former perceived challenges and all the ideas of what I thought I needed to be. iKE is like a lighthouse guiding ships to shore.

- William, Denver, CO

I first met iKE 8 years ago during his Leap Beyond Limits seminar. I will never forget the wisdom and awareness he shared with me, and how it transformed my life. He taught me how to actually leap beyond my perceived limitations, particularly in my relationship with money and building wealth. Thanks for all the ways you changed my life, iKE!

- Gary S., Cleveland, OH

I'm so grateful for my session with Ande and how powerful going through The Process tool was! Just connecting with her had such a healing effect on me, and I feel so blessed to be able to see through a pattern I've been holding onto for years! The spiritual work she and iKE ALLEN do is a blessing power that I know is uplifting and restoring humanity to our divine heritage - such an inspiration 🙂

- M. B., Pittsburgh, PA

iKE ALLEN is hands down, the most phenomenal coach and mentor I’ve ever worked with. He has an amazing intuitive gift, and knows what’s there for me, even when I haven’t realized it yet for myself. When I’m in a coaching session with iKE, I know I can share anything with him, free of judgment. iKE is an amazing clearing of Acceptance, Love, and Awareness, and I wouldn’t be where I am today, in my relationship with my husband, my kids, my financial freedom, my health, my happiness, without his support. 

- Lillian G. , New York NY

iKE helped me uncover a truth in my life that I’d been hiding for decades. Before coaching with iKE I was broke, in and out of dysfunctional relationships, and miserable at my job. After working with iKE I found the love of my life, started my own business I’m passionate about, and now experience the financial and time freedom I always wanted.

- Rebecca S, Los Angeles CA

Ande gave me easy-to-use tools to question my thoughts. I really started to understand that I'm not a victim. I have power that is within me, not in the world. Thanks to Ande I now have questions that I can ask myself whenever I have stressful thought.

- Outi A., Finland

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